Home Cinema & lighting installation - Hertfordshire

The Project Brief

To create a grown up space for the family to relax and enjoy watching TV, films, gaming or just chilling out listening to music.


At the moment there are young family members that also need to use the equipment with as much ease and simplicity as the adults. The children enjoy watching their TV programs but equally they enjoy gaming, listening to music and watching DVD’s or films through the Sky. As the children grow the children will probably want to interact with the technology through other devices and stream music to the AVR or films to the big screen.

After talking with the clients, taking measurements and photo’s of the room, it was agreed to make convert the room in to a cinema room with speakers installed in the ceiling, the projector and screen hidden and lighting to create the right mood as well as normal day to day functionality. With all of this in mind we agreed on the following hardware and control solutions:

  • Sony VW320 projector and Vutec Lectric 80” Diagonal screen
  • Ceiling recessed Pure Theatre projector lift
  • Yamaha RX-A1050 AVR
  • Monitor Audio 5.2.1 speaker system plus 2 Dolby Atmos speakers
  • Loxone Miniserver home automation system to control lighting and AV hardware
  • Cinema room lighting that included RGBW LED strip lighting and Warm White LED spots
  • Dining room lighting control for wall lights, controlled by Loxone
  • Video inputs for the AVR included: XBOX One, Sony 4K media player, Sky Q and Google Chromecast 2

The Results

The overall effect was well received by the whole family. The LED strip lighting now allows the family to set the mood for whatever they are watching or listening to. The ceiling was lowered by 6 inches around the perimeter of the room and it was stepped in at 3 foot. This allowed the projector and screen to be hidden in the recess created as well as install the speakers without interfering with any lighting.

A dimmer Air was also fitted behind the original light switch in the dining room to control the wall lights. Another Loxone Touch Air was then fitted where the old light switch was. This was pre-programmed with 5 scenes for the wall lights.

The control of the lighting and AV hardware is done from either the Loxone app or the wireless Loxone Touch Air, installed where the original light switches were. There are 5 points of contact on the Loxone Touch Air, one in each corner and one in the center. Each point of contact can be programmed to control different elements within the house. In this instance we programmed the two top corners, one for the LED strip lighting and the other for the LED spots. Each have 5 scenes pre programed but these are easily edited and saved by the home owner from within the App. We also programmed a triple click function, which when activated on any Loxone Touch Air throughout the house will switch all of the lights in the house off. There is also a “All Off” and “All On” button for the same purpose within the App.

The audio and video control is achieved through the Loxone App. There a specific buttons created for each source input. With one touch the projector switches on, the screen drops, the AVR switches on and selects the correct input. You are then ready to watch whatever you have selected. Another “All Off” button was programmed for the AV hardware.

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