Jersey – Private Family Home

Due to the private nature of our client they requested complete anonymity and confidentiality during and after this project. We of course respected their wishes so no photos of the properties where the work was carried have been displayed and no names or specific locations have been mentioned.

The Project Brief

Initially our client requested a wired network solution for the main family home with parental controls for the Internet in place to protect the young children. We were then asked to provide a private office solution above the garage with a separate, secure area for the network and server rack equipment. Both networks had to be completely separate and run independently.During the project installation we were also asked to provide a completely separate network for a much older property. Due to the age of the property it required wireless access throughout, a private office area on a separate wired network with a link back to the office at the main residence, and also a wired Internet link to the staff quarters. The last part of the project was to provide a network for the family property in mainland Europe. It was agreed to implement a wireless network solution for this property.


Due to the age and existing décor of the main family residence it was agreed that cutting channels in the walls to allow for Cat5 cables was not desirable. Therefore it was decided to route all the cabling around the outside of the property from a communications rack inside the house to all the rooms required.With the properties that required wireless networks we had to find a solution that would give adequate wireless coverage for the whole property covering every floor, and at the same time ensure that the wireless reception was not lost or interrupted as you moved around the property and switched from one access point to the next.

The Chosen Solution

For the main family home we chose to install Cat5 cabling and wall outlet sockets in every room where there was a possibility of a laptop or computer being used. A central location was chosen to install a cabinet to contain the router for the Internet connection and all the patching for the Cat5 cabling. As the majority of the cabling was being routed outside we had to ensure it was of a high standard that would not degrade due to weather conditions. Wherever possible we also used the addition of trunking to protect it further.

The solution for the properties that required wireless Internet connectivity installed was simple to achieve. We found a product that allowed us to instantly provision all of the wireless access points, map out the network and quickly manage system traffic. It also allowed us to upload custom map images of the property, overlay where the wireless access points were to be fitted which showed us the wireless coverage for all areas of the property and would therefore not suffer from any dead spots or loss of connection. See diagram below.

Everything requested from the brief was met and delivered within the timescales and budget set by the client.All properties had Internet connectivity installed throughout, via either a wireless or wired solution.The private offices were separated from the home network and a dedicated network for work traffic was established with links to other offices. The client also asked for a review of the security procedures for the family and the property. Through our military contacts we were able to commission a security specialist, we had worked with before, to evaluate the existing security arrangements and property layout then produce a detailed report for the client with his specific recommendations.

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