London – London Underground Stations network

This commercial project was for one of leading outdoor advertising companies in the UK. Our knowledge and assistance was requested to re-cable and tidy up the network infrastructure for 30 underground stations in London.

The Project Brief

We were taken onboard for this project because of our analytical working methods with regards to this type of infrastructure. Firstly we were tasked with establishing exactly what hardware was located at each station, the state of the cabling and documenting everything.

With this completed we were then asked to work with the IT department that looked after each station and all the advertising hardware to renew, replace and re-cable all the stations computer rooms and produce clear, concise and detailed documentation for every change that was made so everyone had a clear understanding of what the infrastructure looked like at the end of the project.


Due to the nature of the business we were working for we were restricted when and where we could work each day. The stations had very strict minimal or no disruption at all applied to the advertising throughout.

Also because we were re-patching the cabling to use the minimal amount of hardware, where we were using one Cisco switch instead of two, the ports on the switches needed to be re-configured to reflect the changes.

The Chosen Solution

The obvious solution for this project was to work very closely with the relevant departments and come up with a detailed strategy, agreed by everyone, to work through all the stations systematically. For this to work properly we also wrote a detailed project scope with step-by-step instructions of the work to be carried out at every station. This was fundamental in ensuring nothing was missed and at every point everyone knew exactly what was going on.

We tested these methods on two stations before the bulk of the work commenced and made subtle changes from lessons learnt or unforeseen problems. The detailed project scope was amended and the new instructions were followed for the remainder of the stations without any further problems.

The Results

The project was delivered on time and within budget. At no point was advertising disrupted for any lengthy periods and the results from the work we carried out were reflected in a far neater network infrastructure that allowed easy tracing of cables, quick and efficient diagnostics of cabling, routing and hardware problems. And probably the most important of all, a very detailed, concise documentation folder relating to the network infrastructure and every advertising point located at specific stations throughout London Underground.

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