Imerge Home Entertainment: Ultimate 3D Cinema

Imerge is one of the world's premier manufacturers and developers of movie and music-focussed entertainment servers. Imerge devices allow users to store their content and replay it, wherever and whenever they want it, with maximum fidelity and minimum fuss.

Imagine a high-performance entertainment system that stores all your music and movies in one place, with the ability to play different media in multiple rooms simultaneously. A system which can archive hundreds of movies, tens of thousands of music tracks with no need for unsightly shelves full of disc boxes. A system whose connection won't slow down or stop at the critical moment...

The big screen

Imagine the excitement and the totally immersive experience of the big screen and a first class sound system. Let your guests browse your movie library and choose their favourite film or one of the latest releases.

You want the best ...of course

No other medium, including HDTV, matches the picture and sound quality of Blu-ray disc. When you show movies in your cinema you will want the very best for your family and friends.

Amazing 3D action

With the Imerge MS1-3D you can watch all the latest movies in amazing 3D at the highest picture quality - if you want to! If you would rather just watch full-HD pictures in 2D of course you can do that too. Because of its higher resolution and data bandwidth, you can only enjoy the full HD or 3D experience with Blu-ray disc media. Even classic movies, incredible as it seems, can be re-issued in 3D and many are already released. The Imerge MS1-3D media server range is compatible with both active and passive 3D display systems as well as standard HD screens and projectors.

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