Naimnet is World Class Multi-Room Entertainment

NaimNet is a range of high-performance devices developed by Naim Audio specifically for custom installation. NaimNet delivers a level of sound quality and sophistication of user interface not seen before in the custom installation space; bringing together StreamNet™ technology and the expertise of Naim Audio’s world-class audio engineers.

Certified NaimNet Installers

At Avant-Garde Concepts, and as certified NaimNet installers, we recognise that the future of multi-room audio distribution and whole-home control lives in IP-based solutions. IP-based NaimNet delivers a level of audio quality previously unattainable, being the first premium multi-room system able to provide bit-perfect transfer from digital media such as CD, and perfectly synchronised audio distribution between rooms for true high-fidelity reproduction and perfect party sound.

NaimNet makes installation a breeze

No matter how large and complex the systems become, you will find NaimNet’s design and installation to be straightforward. There is no programming – installation is merely a matter of commissioning. No central system controller means devices connect at convenient locations and may be moved at any time. Remote access enables remote diagnosis and commissioning – ideal for developers with multi-occupancy projects.

Naim Audio systems are precision engineered and performance upgradeable. This means there may come a time when your expectations of your hi-fi grow to exceed the capabilities of your current set-up. Naim have always been of the opinion that rather than buy a completely new system it usually makes far more sense, both economically and ecologically, to improve the performance of what you already own.

NaimNet has been developed with high-end multi room audio in mind. Naim Audio is British designed and built in the UK. They produce market leading high end audio systems not only for home owners but also exclusively for Bentley.

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