Home CCTV & Security Systems

With a home security system, your home can directly contact you, sending an alert about a specific security related event that has occurred on your property. Be it a trespasser, water leak, or a sudden rise in temperature, home automation remains on guard for you.

Keep your home secure with touch screen controls

Cameras have been a staple aspect of home and business security for some time now and advancements in technology have allowed for improved optics, sensors, and many other special features including the ability to remotely view your property.

Log into your camera and visually see, in real-time, specific area of your home or business while you are away. Rotate, reposition, record, zoom, and snap photos all from the palm of your hand. Go a step further, and automate your camera to record at a specified time. Even allow it to automatically snap a picture or record when it senses movement.

Cameras add a vast amount of unique features and capabilities to anyone’s property and at the same time gives the owners complete peace of mind.

Automated Entry Systems

Another very useful feature of cameras is they can be used within the system for gate or door entry into your property. When the delivery person arrives at your gate they press the buzzer and no matter if you’re in the house or in another country, the system can be programmed to call all your hand held devices so you can not only see who is at the gate but also have a two-way conversation with them.

You can then decide whether to allow them access or leave further instructions for them. You also have the ability to open the gate or door for them from your hand held device. This feature also gives the impression you are at home when you could be in anywhere.

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