North Yorkshire National Park - CCTV installation

The Project Brief

We were asked to design and implement a security solution for the smallholding and animals within the grounds. We were given a tight budget and asked to cover specific areas throughout the day and night with good quality cameras and therefore good quality images . All areas covered by a camera also needed to be recorded for potential evidence. And the system had to be flexible enough to add to it in the future if required.

With this in mind we carried out a recce of the site and spent quite a bit of time talking to the owners about any restrictions we had found or restrictions being located within the National Park.


The building itself was listed and on top of this there were further restrictions due to the fact it was located within the National Park. Permission therefore had to be sought to install the cameras and the amount of cameras we wanted to install had to be agreed.  There were outbuildings which needed cameras installing either in or outside and the client didn't want the garden digging up in order to lay cabling back to the main house. The client also wanted the images viewable from their iPhones and on their Smart TV.

The Chosen Solution

The chosen solution was to use 6 cameras which would cover both out buildings (cattle shed and storage shed), the rear of the property and both sides including the front door. The cameras chosen for the job were good quality exterior. vari-focal, anti-vandal cameras with IR capability up to 30m. The chosen DVR was the Alien Hero, 8 channel DVR which was very easy to operate for the client so they could review and if necessary pull off video for any reason. It would also allow for a minimum of 30 day record time from all the cameras before it started to overwrite itself.

The cameras for the outbuildings sent their video images back to a receiver mounted on the outside of the main house and contained in a waterproof box. This has the capability of sending images 200m with a standard aerial and up to 1km with a high gain aerial as long as line of site is maintained. All connections to the DVR are then via BNC cabling with 24v-12v power supply units installed to supply power for the cameras.

The Results

The result was 6 cameras installed covering both outbuildings and all areas surrounding the property, giving the client full viewing capability on their Smart TV and their hand held devices, both day and night of the whole property including inside the cattle shed. The DVR was also linked to the home network so the clients could connect to their cameras and view them wherever they were in the world, thereby viewing any potential problems and informing someone within the village of any issues.  The project was delivered on time and within budget. The chosen solution also allows for 2 further cameras to be installed at a later date or more if required with the addition of another DVR. 

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